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CellFrame Wiki

Wiki pages about CellFrame SDK, CellFrame Network, CellFrame Software and everything related with this

CellFrame Overview

Cellframe is a platform for creating blockchain services, in which the problem of scalability is initially solved.

Cellframe is the infrastructure layer for the Internet of tomorrow with 100M+ of everyday users and PQ encryption. Cellframe is a framework, which allows building business logic around the usage of computer resources, such as computing power, Internet channel, and disk space.

Also, we kept in mind the decentralization of ownership and protection of end-user. As we mentioned before, the classic smart contract has an address from which it was deployed to the network, while the Cellframe-based blockchain service is inside the system and does not have an owner address.

Yes, the Compound contract, which stores $150M of crypto, has a specific owner.

What if it wouldn’t? We think, that it can reduce the risk of fraudulent activities or illegal use of a private key (note, that even if you have an institutional-grade private key management system, it ultimately has a chance to be stolen).

We think, that cash flows generated by the service have to be in a reliable way distributed among the service providers without having to pass through the owner of the smart contract. We propose to define such kinds of decentralized applications with the term “t-Dapps” (truly decentralized applications).

Cellframe concept

CellFrame SDK

CellFrame SDK is a set of libraries фив templates to create CellFrame Network compatible networks.

Terms, concepts and ideas

Here are terms, concept and description of CellFrame SDK ideas



  • Cell (shard) Concept, realization and usage of CellFrame Cells (Shards)



  • Tokens how to issue, hold, store and do customs



CellFrame Software

Software that works with Cellframe networks

CellFrame Node

CellFrame Dashboard

DAP based Software

Based libdap* libraries software that uses Cellframe Network resources directly with Cellframe Nodes or not connect with them at all but composed with the same SDK.

  • Delegrated Non-Chain Client How user without any credentials and resources in Chain Network could interact with its services
  • CellframeVPN Platform for public VPN solutions based on CellFrame Services
  • DapVPN its opensource platform for building private VPN solutions that could intermediate with CellFrame-based networks.

API bindings