Node commands

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Network services managment

Orders list

Orders list, all or by UID and/or class net_srv -net <chain net name> order find [-srv_uid <Service UID>] [-srv_class <Service Class>] [-price_unit <price unit>] [-price_min <Price minimum>] [-price_max <Price maximum>]

Order delete

Delete order from global_db. IMPORTANT! It doesn't affect the conditioned transaction if it was present net_srv -net <chain net name> order delete -id <Proposal ID>

Order create

net_srv -net <chain net name> order create -srv_uid <Service UID> -srv_class <Service Class> -price <Price> -price_unit <Price Unit> -node_addr <Node Address> -tx_cond <TX Cond Hash> [-expires <Unix time when expires>]