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CellFrame Delegated Client =

Delegated client is a client software thats uses CellFrame Services but doen't interact with blockchains and whitelists.


  1. Every delegated client should have communications with a Central DataBase (CDB). CDB should have a CellFrame node - any, ever light node is possible to work with delegated client.
  2. Delegated Client (Delegate) produces its own digital signature - DDS, Delegated Digital Signature.
  3. Delegate sends DDS to CDB. CDB sign it with one of node's wallets, command node to produce conditioned transaction with condition - accept every input, signed with key thats also signed by same key that closes the conditioned output.
  4. Also Delegate download node lists thats has active CellFrame Service thats the Delegate want to use
  5. Delegate connect to the one of selected nodes and request the service. Node issue receipt, sign it with its wallet where the node want to accept payments for services and send to Delegate. Delegate sign the receipt too and send it back to node. Node put this receipt with to signs in blockchain and then could use output of conditioned transaction, created by CDB.
  6. Node provide the service.