[[Node|Cellframe Node]] software is available for the following operating systems: - [Linux](https://pub.cellframe.net/linux/cellframe-node/master/) - [macOS](https://pub.cellframe.net/macos/cellframe-node/master/) - [Windows](https://pub.cellframe.net/windows/cellframe-dashboard/master/) - [Open source code](https://gitlab.demlabs.net/cellframe/cellframe-node) Below, you can find detailed installation manuals for each supported operating system: - [[Cellframe Node manual for Windows with WSL|Windows with WSl]] - installation guide for CellFrameNode on Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). - [[Cellframe Dashboard#Manual for installation CellFrame Dashboard for Windows by native installation package|Windows by native installation package]] - step-by-step instructions for installing CellFrame Dashboard on Windows using the executable file. - [[Cellframe Node manual for Ubuntu, Debian|Ubuntu / Debian with .deb file]] - manual for setting up CellFrameNode on Ubuntu and Debian systems. - [[Cellframe Node build from source guide|Building from source]] - guide to building from source code.